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Principles We Follow To Provide Superior Backlinks To You

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Reliable Hosting

We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable hosting, matching their needs and strongly focusing on the results.

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Premium Themes

The elegant design will showcase your business and visually promote your services. We will find the best WordPress theme to fit your requirements.

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Real Looking Websites

Whether you are into clean design, or you want to brag a bit, an authentic looking website will not only amaze your audience but help you promote your business further.

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In-Content Links

To help your content rank, our service provides in-content links. It will assist you in building a reputation among the competition, while fulling content marketing and SEO goals.

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Unique and High-quality Content

High-quality content is key to the success of any website. Luckily, we got you covered. Working with a highly competent content writer, we deliver genuine content, 100% verified and on topic.

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Only Auction

The Tower Links associates their services only with auction domains. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to find the perfect domain name.

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Rigorously Tested Domains

Each domain is manually tested by using a series of techniques and online-based tools. You can rely on our judgment to provide the best results in this field.

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Many Niches

Due to our talented writers, we now cover a broad spectrum of niches. Regardless of your business, services, or information you want to pass on, we have you covered.

Homepage PBN Link Offer & Pricing

ID Domain Niche RD TLD Age Price
1*** Home Improvement/furniture 48 .com 18 $10
2 di*** Home Improvement/carpet cleaning 29 .com 11 $9
3 www.cas*** Home Improvement/real estate 29 .com 15 $9
4 www.the*** Home Improvement/Pest control 27 .com 7 $8
5 www.gmpc*** Home Improvement/Pest control 26 .com 10 $8
6 www.rod*** Home Improvement/air dust cleaning 24 .com 18 $8
7 www.midl*** Home Improvement/furniture 23 .com 11 $8
8 www.saro*** Home Improvement/water damage 21 .com 15 $8
9 www.plumb*** Home Improvement/plumbing 15 .com 8 $7
10*** Home Improvement/real estate 16 .com 14 $7
11 tm*** Home Improvement/carpet cleaning 17 .com 9 $7
12 aiki*** Home Improvement/Pest control 18 .com 6 $7
13 www.garr*** Home Improvement/plumbing 20 .com 15 $8
14*** Home Improvement/real estate 20 .org 15 $8
15 www.can*** Home Improvement/water damage 21 .com 18 $8
16 www.jts*** Home Improvement/plumbing 21 .com 13 $8
17 www.bad*** Home Improvement/air dust cleaning 12 .com 17 $7

How Does It Work?


Your website goes through a rigorous inspection because we want to maintain a top quality PBN network.


Once you are approved, you can order other domain, not just the ones you applied for. Our service includes a proposal list with prices.


Order and Pay. The prices are based on monthly subscription and links remain active until the payment is canceled.


Content creation and link placement.


Once we make links, you will receive a final product.


You are all set. You don’t have to apply again, and you can order new links and remain on our networks, as long as you follow our rules and pay monthly fee.

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